Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bernadette Protti's Crummy Skis


"Why didn't Bernadette have enough money for new skis and new clothes? Her parents were rich."


Bernadette's parents were not considered to be rich. They did well for themselves financially, but at the time of the murder Bernadette's father was retired from the utility company in San Francisco. He had been a supervisor there.

Her mother was a stay-at-home mom, from what I can gather. Though, the Prott's lived in Orinda, they were a family of modest means. Bernadette's mother donated large sums of money to the Catholic church.

I was told just recently by someone very close to the case that Bernadette had nice things. In fact, she was known to ask, "How do I look?" when she got a new outfit. I think she looked nice, but maybe the clothes were not all designer clothes like Kirsten Costas'.

Her family put a lot of emphasis on giving to the church and showing compassion and being generous. Though, I heard these days her mother is somewhat bitter by what happened to Bernadette. I'll get more into what I found out on that in another post.